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Electric heating, temperature measurement and control of objects

Issuing time:2018-08-11 00:00

The electric heating, temperature measurement and control of the object can objectively and conveniently realize the heating of the heated body, the instant display of the temperature and the constant temperature work of the workpiece, etc., and their compositions are as follows: electric heating element + temperature measuring element + temperature control element .

First, the working principle of electric heating sheet The current generates heat through the resistance wire, which is resistance heating, which converts electric energy into heat energy. The advantages are high temperature, high thermal efficiency, fast heating rate, relatively environmentally friendly, no pollution to the environment, and can be integrated with heating or local heating. The heated body can be static or flowing air or liquid, and the application range is very wide.

 1) Classification

 The main product categories are: resistance heating and far infrared heating.

 2) Use

  Electric heating is widely used in metallurgical machinery, medical, chemical, ceramics, electronics, electrical appliances, glass, industrial heating equipment, civil heating appliances and other fields.

  a, heat treatment: such as welding and tempering using a crawler heater;

  b. Heating and melting of metal: finned electric heating tube used in oven and baking room, quartz heating tube, silicon carbide electric heating plate, electric furnace wire of kiln furnace, heating tube of annealing furnace, duct heater for pipeline application Wait;

  c, water tank, solution tank heating and insulation: flange type heating tube (threaded electric heating tube), embedded electric heating tube, threaded installation single-head electric heating tube, etc.

 d, plastic, chemical fiber: stainless steel heating coil, stainless steel electric heating plate, cast aluminum heating plate, ceramic heating plate, silicone heating plate, etc.;

 e, scientific research, chemical, machinery and small molds: single-head electric heating tube, electric heating wire, cast copper heating ring, limit single-head electric heating tube, simulated working heating table, ceramic heating ring, etc.;

 f. Civil heating appliances: electric blankets, greenhouses and floor heating wires, heaters, barbecue electric heating pipes, steamed rice electromechanical heat pipes, rice cooker heating plates, etc.;


Second, the temperature measuring element (probe) has a thermal resistance and a thermocouple.

Third, temperature control components: can display temperature through the instrument (temperature range is available), set the upper and lower limits of temperature, with unique anti-interference technology, high precision, good control effect, easy installation.

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